Our Approach to CRO Our Approach to CRO

Our Approach

Our Win at Experimentation process starts with you. Through an interactive workshop, we’ll uncover key insights into your business and your customers’ current experience. Next, we focus on…


Setting you up for success

In order to pinpoint the biggest conversion problems in your shopping funnel, we first need to make sure your funnels and qualitative tracking is set up to measure the correct data. We target your Analytics tools – both quantitative (like Google Analytics, Adobe suite or HEAP analytics) and qualitative (like Hotjar, Fullstory, or Inspectlet): our team tweaks and tests to ensure your system is collecting the right data.


Pinpointing your conversion problems

Our highly experienced analyst team help you leverage our unique analysis approach to uncover exactly where your website is leaking revenue and where the biggest gains are hiding. We begin with Heuristic and Technical analyses. Armed with the right evidence, our team can make quick design or bug fixes that have a big impact on your website’s overall user experience. Next, we use data collected from Analytics tools to analyse areas such as: Ecommerce Funnels, Customer journey funnels, how users are entering and exiting the website, where our team can identify key optimisation opportunities unique to your business.

Through user research we gain qualitative insight into user behaviour: what are your customers doing and experiencing as they head down your website’s conversion funnel? We find out what is blocking sales through:

  • Website Polls
  • Chat Support Analysis
  • Session Recordings
  • Customer Surveys
  • Usability Testing
  • Heatmaps and Clickmaps

By listening to your site’s end users, we unlock opportunities that will have the highest revenue impact.


Designing for the end-user

As the competition between ecommerce businesses grows, so too does the importance of a great user experience (UX). Our designers take the unique quantitative and qualitative data gained from our research and analysis phase to find design opportunities and recreate your wireframes for maximum impact. Our Conversion Copywriting team create targeted content that allows your business to really shine. From the redesign of product options, to a complete revamp of a product page, we make informed decisions to create a seamless shopping experience for your customers. Cue greater customer loyalty! We will keep them coming back for more.


Testing what matters

Coming up with great ideas is not enough. Testing and validation is a must to ensure ongoing success! We use A/B testing and Multivariate testing to trial new ideas, compare changes and see how they impact user behaviour and conversion rates. Being platform agnostic, we’re experienced at working with Google Optimize, Optimizely, VWO, AB Tasty and several personalisation platforms.


Creating a precise road map

Our thorough analysis and design process provides a pipeline of test ideas specifically created to generate the optimal conversion rate and revenue gains. You’ll be testing what matters, removing risk to your revenue, and spending time on the highest value tests that prioritise reducing time and cost while simultaneously predicting highest revenue impact. Once we find the winning test, we make the change permanent and watch your sales soar!


Increasing conversions and continuous improvement

The journey doesn’t end here. CRO is a continuous, iterative process. Our monthly CRO program ensures your ecommerce website is always increasing in conversions, average order value and reducing your Cost per Acquisition (CPA) – all without increasing ad spend!