How The Lad Collective Achieved a +20% Conversion Increase With CRO

How The Lad Collective Achieved a +20% Conversion Increase With CRO

"Our collaboration with Conversionry was a truly transformative experience for our business."

Bill & Ed Ovenden, The Lad Collective

Executive Summary: 

The Lad Collective is an Ecommerce retailer specialising in revolutionising bed-making for the average Australian. From humble beginnings, The Lad Collective has been touted as a life-saver product and has been featured on Sunrise, The Project, The Courier Mail, and much more. Through a targeted CRO program, we were able to turn great traffic into great revenue, with a 20% increase in conversions and a 14% increase in revenue. This program was a brilliant exercise in challenging user perceptions and conveying value, with great use of iteration to keep building and compounding on already winning solutions. 


The Lad Collective creates game-changing bedding products, with their hero product being their sheet set that makes changing the sheets easy using corner loop straps and thick elastic that will stay on the mattress. 
While most homeware brands are targeted towards audiences who value home-making and aesthetics, The Lad Collective focused on utility and targeted the average Australian bloke who couldn’t be bothered making his bed. Their brand is laid back, relaxed, and humorous - evidenced by one of their body wash products - “Hair, Body & Balls’’. 
The Lad Collective was killing it with their traffic and ads, but their users just weren’t converting at a high enough rate. Lots of traffic was being driven from viral TikToks and Instagram ads but once people arrived on site, many were dropping off at different stages of the funnel.


The Lad Collective's original product page

TLC's best selling product page before Conversionry optimised it.


Our Objectives: 

In order to see a significant uplift in conversions, the 12-Month CRO Program needed to focus on the following goals:


  1. Conversion rate
  2. Revenue per user


  1. Checkout and cart abandonment.


Strategy and Approach:

"From the moment we engaged with Conversionry, it was evident that we were in the hands of experts. The level of professionalism and dedication exhibited by the team was outstanding. They approached our website optimisation project with creativity, precision, and a deep understanding of conversion rate optimisation strategies.

- Bill & Ed Ovenden, The Lad Collective


Conversionry deployed a monthly AB testing program, with experiments based on solving specific user problems unique to The Lad Collective. 

Some examples of problems we identified and solved through our analysis and testing:  

1. It was unclear how users were perceiving the brand, and what content most appealed to them.

  • User polls and session recording analysis allowed us to get a clearer understanding of people’s perception of the brand, product, and price. By seeing actual behaviour on site we knew what content people were interested in, and what they ignored. 


Benefits of using The Lad Collective Sheets


2. There was a significant cart and checkout abandonment, despite the high influx of traffic landing from their marketing campaigns. 

  • We first built multi-step checkout funnels in Google Analytics, so we could identify at exactly what stage users were leaving.
  • We then checked session recordings, and poll responses and used in-depth heuristic analysis to come up with hypotheses to solve those problems at each stage. Solutions included addressing  shipping costs, times, and uncertainty at the point of purchase. 


TLC's Checkout - Before vs After testing


3. While we optimised the website, The Lad Collective were pushing big, audacious marketing initiatives - including launches new products, promotions and offers. We needed to ensure our strategies were aligned to maximise this effort.

  • We regularly met with The Lad Collective to discuss overall website performance, identify the biggest priorities to focus on, and pivot focus onto other key metrics, such as AOV.
  • We then use a prioritization framework to identify the biggest problems and the optimization on-site that will move the needle the most. 


    "Raoul, Jason, Kirra, and the rest of the team demonstrated unparalleled expertise in every aspect of their work. Their insights were invaluable, and their ability to identify areas of improvement on our website was truly impressive. They not only provided us with comprehensive analyses but also implemented highly effective solutions that drove outstanding results." 

    - Bill & Ed Ovenden, The Lad Collective

    Examples of best-performing tests:

    Improving product option selection and access to how-to video


    Problem - 93% of users were abandoning the product page without cart addition. 

    Session recordings revealed that users were very interested in exploring the different colour options. However the colour swatches were significantly below the fold, and users were constantly scrolling back to the images to review their selection. Our polling and customer insight research showed users are still not understanding the core benefits and value of TLC.


    Hypothesis - Improving the product selection experience and giving users clear access to explainer videos will improve conversion rate.


    Solution - We added color swatches on the product images so users had easier access, and a CTA to watch the video on top of the product page.


    Result :

    • Test ran: 27 days
    • 21% increase in Revenue
    • 18% increase in Conversion Rate

      Before vs After result of optimising the product page

      Program Results: 

      The overall results of the Lad Collective’s 12-Month CRO Program with Conversionry:

    • 14% INCREASE in overall revenue gained 
    • 20% INCREASE in conversion rate 
    • Cart abandonment rate reduced by 25%.
    • Checkout abandonment rate reduced 23%

      "The impact of their work on our website’s performance was remarkable. Thanks to Conversionry’s efforts, our conversion rates improved significantly, leading to a substantial increase in our online sales and customer engagement. The results spoke volumes about the expertise and dedication of the team.

      - Bill & Ed Ovenden, The Lad Collective

      TLC's product page after 12 months of optimisation

      The Lad Collective's best selling product page after 12 months of ongoing testing and optimisation.

      Lessons Learned: 

      One size doesn’t fit all. Your optimizations need to have the brand and customer top of mind when considering solutions. 

      It all comes down to how well you can differentiate your business from the competition and the noise. How easy is it for people to understand what your product or service is, why they need it, and why the price is justified. 

      It’s a common trip-up we see with businesses - that they assume customers will understand what their product is and what value it can bring. However, we can’t assume that people will know - be clear, simple, and concise - what you do, why people should buy and why is it better than alternatives.


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