Our first CRO Hackathon!

Our first CRO Hackathon!

What does a CRO hackathon look like?
Because it’s not like building an app where there is tons of code, or designing a product.


How do you do in under 4 hours what normally takes a full week?

Was daunting, but the team was up for the challenge, and got right into it. Something amazing happens in the creative part of people’s brains when they are not bound by processes and there are no boundaries to solving a problem.
You innovate.

The team rapidly analysed an ecommerce site’s data – finding biggest blockages & coming up with high-impact AB tests in under 4 hours.⚡️📈
Some fantastic innovations came out the session, that we’ve already started to implement into our process – we already see this helping us get results for clients quicker.
At the end of the day, its about being at the top of our game so our clients get the quickest and best result – and why not have some fun along the way!

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