4 Cool Features in GA4 that didn’t exist before

4 Cool Features in GA4 that didn’t exist before

GA4 is here, and it’s evolved! – a controversial decision that has left many users frustrated with tricky UI and lack of default reporting. While a learning curve is inevitable, with even the most technical experts adapting to the new analytics experience, it’s not all bad news.

In this piece, we’ll explore four new features of GA4 that empower you to gain valuable insights, make informed decisions, and optimize your digital experience.

4 Cool Features in GA4 that didn’t exist before


1. Cross-Platform Tracking: 

Got a website AND an app? Have multiple sites on different properties? With GA4 you can consolidate all this data in one place. This allows you to get a fuller picture of user experiences from more touch points.

Cross-platform tracking allows you to get a comprehensive view of how your user behaviour varies across platforms

2. Automatic Event Tracking:  

GA4’s Enhanced Measurements save time by automatically capturing common events like pageviews and searches, eliminating the need for manual setup.

3. Uncover Insights with Simplicity: 

GA4’s Explore feature makes custom reports easier allowing you to segment data and metrics based on what insight you want to see.

Discover almost-unlimited report customisation

4. Predictive Analytics Made Accessible: 

GA4’s built-in algorithms provide predictive analytics without complex setups. Anticipate trends, make informed decisions, and optimize marketing efforts.



GA4 introduces exciting features that enhance your digital marketing strategies. Explore cross-platform tracking, benefit from automatic event tracking, uncover insights with simplicity, understand your audience through segmentation, and leverage predictive analytics.

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