Paul Reynolds, Drink Driving Lawyer

Paul Reynolds is a drink-driving lawyer with over 36 years experience of winning drink driving and licence cases.

The Challenge

Paul was introduced to Conversionry by his marketing agency. We learned that Paul was spending a consistent amount of money on SEO and paid advertising and therefore was receiving a number of enquiries. However, many of these leads were time wasters looking for free advice, which forced him to spend more time wasted over the phone on these calls. Paul’s serious concern about the ineffectiveness of his overall marketing spend was justified.

The Solution

Our team of analysts noticed a number of revenue leaks (drop off points) in his website which led us to believe that there were a number of opportunities to capitalize on the existing traffic. Dealing with a small business, we made sure our optimisation strategy was one that would yeild a quick return to cover the costs. We analysed his web pages, gathered qualititive data, tracked visitor journeys, all of which helped us discover that his customers were very interested in specific pieces of advisory content. A huge benefit to the website was re-writing the content to be more persuasive and clear.

Optimised Website:

The Result

On A/B testing Drink Driving Lawyer’s new pages, within ONE week’s time we saw the phone enquiries not only improved in quantity but also quality. The A/B tests have achieved an 70% increase in quality phone calls!

The extensive testing on the website has really paid off and the sales prove this.

Lisa Richardson, Furniture Galore

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