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International Luxury Jeweller Secrets Shhh select Conversionry for their Ecommerce Experimentation Program

We had a blast yesterday with the Secrets Shhh team who’ve selected Conversionry for their ecommerce experimentation program.

Kicking off with their Conversion workshop and Data Analytics implementation & tracking…

I couldn’t help sharing this feedback quote from CMO Sue Szylvester – as it really blew us away, reminded us about a key challenge ecommerce teams face of having the right data to look at for increasing conversion rates and how we love helping our clients solve this.

“What you’ve pulled out of analytics to get the exact data that we need to look at, is so useful for us. There are certain things you can already see in the data that when you make changes to address those issues, it’s going to convert higher.”

Overall it reminded us why we’re doing what we’re doing – to empower ecommerce marketing teams to win.

Thank you Sue Szylvester and Gerardo Reis for flying down and an enjoyable discussion, and look forward to our continued partnership.